Photo by Jordan Rodericks  |  Mural by El Kamino

Cream Studio is a tight-knit team of veteran motion designers, art directors and producers with a collaborative spirit and an insatiable curiosity for new ideas and perspectives. We are your dynamic arsenal of problem solvers, path-finders and resourceful creatives.

Our skills range from concept and design to animation and visual effects. But that's only half of what we do. We listen, interpret and advise to most effectively execute your vision. We view our clients as far more than a single project transaction. We are friends in long-term collaborative partnerships. Firm believers that true growth comes from taking chances and pushing comfort zones, we’re always ready to dive head-first into the next big challenge. 

The extended Cream Team includes talented directors, editors, sound designers, copywriters, illustrators and composers. So, yep, we’ve got ya covered. Our goal is to always provide exceptional creative with solid execution that surpasses expectations. The results range from quirky to classic, ambitious to clean-and-simple, but always hit the mark.

"When you find the people who not only tolerate your quirks, but celebrate them with glad cries of 'me too!' be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your tribe."
- Nanea Hoffman


Joanna Recinos

Executive Producer

This isn't Joanna's first rodeo. That's just a funny way of saying that she brings an enormous amount of experience and insight to the studio. As an account executive on the advertising side, and a post producer and new business lead on the production side, she’s seen our industry from pretty much every angle. A day in the life of Joanna usually entails identifying solutions for clients, managing multiple projects and resources, and pursuing new and exciting opportunities. On top of that, she brings a great deal of fun and laughter to the studio; the number one requirement for all Cream employees.


Ruth Newberry

Co-Founder • Motion Designer

Despite her reserved demeanor, Ruth’s creative voice is loud and clear. Her infatuation with art, travel and exploration give her unexpected ways of interpreting stories. A true competitor, she takes each project personally and is always looking for a way to infuse her own brand of excitement into what she creates. Adventurous in her execution and energetic in her style, her work is guaranteed to surprise and impress. 

Don't let her quiet personality fool you. She's probably just deciding if she should subject you to her offbeat sense of humor. 


Dave Swain

Co-Founder • Motion Designer

Dave was creating motion graphics before there was even a name for it. Tons of experience, an eye for detail and being a true “people person” seem to be the winning combination when it comes to delivering the goods and strengthening relationships.

But be careful; during all of that relationship strengthening, you may get caught in lengthy conversations about music, craft beer and how much he likes the idea of being outdoorsy.


Amanda Russell

Co-Founder • Motion Designer

Amanda often pulls from her background in dance to find inspiration. Her intimate knowledge of rhythm, motion and kinetics plays a huge role in her work, and allows her to conjure humor, compassion and urgency with precision. She absorbs abstract concepts and can develop a visual storyline in no time flat.

About as fun and friendly as it gets, she’s just the kind of person you hope to stand next to at a party. 


Cream Studio is located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia's Design District and is surrounded by history, art and innovation. Eateries, pubs and coffee shops abound, so there is no shortage of places to meet up and brainstorm, talk shop or just recharge.

Exposed brick, original wood beams, one-of-a-kind artwork and eclectic touches give the studio a modern-meets-rustic feel. Laughter, good coffee, lots of music and the occasional inappropriate joke make it feel like home. It's a cozy environment with mid-century elegance and swagger. Not a bad place to spend 23.8% of your life (we did the math).

"What's the story behind your name?"
- Everyone

Like most creative studios, we set out to come up with a name that's memorable, fun and embodies the spirit of what we do. To be honest, it originally began as a joke. But after a good laugh (and a lot of really bad suggestions) Cream was the clear winner. And here's why: simply put, cream is the best part. You may not be sure why it makes everything so much better, but it does. Our name had to mirror what we offer our clients; a rich experience that adds a compelling visual layer to their message. 

Safe to say, everything is better with Cream.