Photo by Jordan Rodericks  |  Mural by El Kamino

Our approach for this spot is to create a world of cinematic elegance and realism. Focusing closely on the material elements of the booklet (gems, diamonds, jewels, etc) and the unique characteristics of those elements (reflections, refractions, dispersion, glossiness, etc), we’d like to create an energetic world where the booklet lives and flourishes, feeding off the movement and energy of the objects. This world feels eloquent, bright, and a little mysterious. The booklet would be set subtly within, around, and behind the elements in different ways, teasing the features of the booklet, through selective focus pulls, and extreme close ups. As momentum builds from shot to shot, the final lock up will reveal the booklet in its full form.

Shots will consist of dynamic, real world simulations with objects growing, colliding, breaking, floating, and moving through various scenes. Each shot’s beauty lies within elegant lighting, camera movements and a laser focus on composition to direct the viewer’s eye.

The technical approach would be to develop each shot’s keyframe entirely in a 3D environment, spending more time up front creating beautifully lit


still frames that seamlessly, and efficiently transition into animation stages while maintaining consistency and fidelity.

The ultimate goal here would be to develop and get client approval on the 3D frames so that progress in the animation stages will be swift.

We will move in a linear fashion:

> concept
> mood & story boards
> styleframes
> boardomatic/frames (placeholder soundscape/music sample)
> animatics (initial sound/music pass)
> proxy/lo-fi render edit
> high-fi final edit (with requested revisions and sign offs at each stage.)