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Type Design and Animation Samples

CNBC Prime
This may be the most promising treatment. I don't necessarily think we'll want to incorporate footage, but possibly images, colors and textures along with the type. This may be too frenetic for the information you'll want to communicate, but the design is clean, transitions are interesting and there's plenty of opportunity to supplement the type with image and texture as needed.


La Effe Rebrand 2016
Although much more complex than where we'll end up, this is another example of clean type, interesting use of image and texture and nice transitions.


Weekly Movie Program PKG
In this example, I'm responding to the very limited color palette and graphic treatment at around :04. I like how cutout images are used almost as icons along with type and blocks of color, for a straightforward yet interesting look.


Apple - Intention
Visually simple, conceptually perfect. Execution is dead on. I doubt we'll be able to have this level of "clever" with our graphics package, but this does go to show that less can certainly be more. 


We Love Graphic Design Montage
The beginning of this is really nice. Great dimension while all elements remain flat and unshaded (aside from the sheets of paper). This would be a relatively simple look to achieve, yet would feel appropriately high end.


NYT Memorial Day Sale
Strong, simple image treatment and transitions. Bold type treatment. Interesting counter at :35.