100 & CHANGE

The MacArthur Foundation

The purpose of this video was to introduce the 100&Change initiative: A MacArthur Foundation competition that rewards a $100 million grant to the organization that can target a societal problem and have feasible ideas for an ongoing solution for true change. We were excited to take on this project, and understood that it would be seen by viewers far and wide.


We were provided with a metaphor for the first half of the video. Using breathtaking 4K footage of the Himalayas, we present the viewer with problems we face today that are perhaps too daunting to tackle. We then climb from valley to summit in the Tetons to show problems within reach. 



The custom piece was composed by our buddies at Overcoast.  It was a perfect complement to the style and cause of the video. Our client was over the moon with the selection.


We had many inspiration pieces that helped us form a visual target. We knew it had to be sleek and sophisticated, but also inspiring. Having a turning point in the second half seemed natural for more energy as we introduce the 100&Change competition. Below are style frames to show the progression of the project. Not only was this a creative challenge, but it was a personally fulfilling to be a part of a meaningful effort.