Animation Style Samples for Podcast
A Gallery for Arian Foster

We love the idea of supplementing your podcast footage with relevant, superimposed animated graphics to help reinforce the ideas and content you're featuring for each one. This approach quickly establishes an interesting and engaging visual language that can be used within your solo endeavor, but could also be applied to interview footage, b-roll or used as standalone animated sequences for your other projects. Here are two different style examples that would support this approach.

Cel Animation

Cel animation is a great option if you're envisioning a more hand-drawn, fluid look. It takes more time, however, than motion graphics and tends to be more costly, depending on what is ultimately needed. 


2D Vector/Motion Graphics

A 2D vector approach is another option that fits nicely within your vision. This style lends itself well to enhancing footage and creating an unexpected look. It still takes time, but not nearly as much as a cel approach, and also tends to be less costly.