BoomTown! “How It Works“


We were approached by BoomTown, headquartered in Charleston, SC to help create a video that provided a quick overview of their product: a real estate CRM for lead generation and lead management. They wanted to show people interacting with the service in a variety of settings to emphasize mobility and ease of use.

So, out of the gate, we knew that the piece would combine live action and motion graphics. We wanted to integrate the animated elements into the live action shots in a way that made them feel like they were truly supporting the story without necessarily becoming the hero of each shot.

In addition to the live action scenes, the plan was to “bookend” the piece with motion graphics sections that gave a quick product overview as well as establishing the branded graphic look. BoomTown also wanted to give a sense of how vast and comprehensive their team is. We wanted to do this in a fun way that felt like a fast-paced, never ending list. BoomTown set up the shoot in their Charlotte office and provided the fun staff photos to be included in the video.

Cream was responsible for all editing, animation, camera tracking, compositing, color correction and audio mix. This was an extremely fun project with a perfect client. We’re gearing up for more later this year and can’t wait!



For shot blocking, we approached this a little differently than usual. We did a good amount of design and animation work up front, far in advance of the shoot day, and let that determine shot framing and focal lengths. Knowing the specific needs of the animated elements allowed us to avoid a few pitfalls throughout the shoot — details we may not have considered quite as thoroughly otherwise. Aside from a few snags due to limitations of the physical space of the interiors, it worked out great and provided a perfect road map that allowed us to pack a lot of shots into two days.



For production, we teamed up with Tijo Media in Richmond. They provided everything from location scouting…to talent search…to a whirlwind shoot that had us in Short Pump in the morning and the Canal Walk in the afternoon, followed by our interior shots at LaDiff the next day. Long busy days, but it couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Solid crew. Great times.