Company Retreat 2016

So we sometimes get bogged down with day to day work and can't find the time to look at big picture stuff. We decided a retreat would not only be fun, but an opportunity to focus on what's important. So we went to Cabo.

Ok, Ok. It was Charlottesville which is a close second to this stock photo above. We stayed in a midcentury-modern home with a lap pool and original art in every direction. We hunkered down, focused, and occasionally rewarded ourselves with a beer.

(Taking a break from meetings and enjoying the soggy rooftop deck) 

While animation and motion design is what we LOVE to do, it takes a lot of planning to keep a studio moving forward. We are always refining our creative process and observing the current trends. We were able to share the kind of work we would each like to explore, developed our marketing strategy and then went out for Ramen and Donuts, of course.

By the end of the retreat, we were buzzing with excitement to have solid plans in place for the future. Next year, Cabo!