Our latest interview with Richmond BizSense

Want to know more about our creative process? Or how we came up with our company name? Check out the full interview below. 

Photo Credit: Jonathan Spiers

Photo Credit: Jonathan Spiers

"First-time competitor Cream took home the production best-in-show award for its show-open video for last year’s Richmond Forum.

The motion design firm had been in business three years, made up of partners and co-owners Shannon Honaker, Ruth Newberry, Amanda Russell and Dave Swain. But the Cream team, which also includes executive producer Joanna Recinos, had never submitted work for the annual awards put on by the Advertising Club of Richmond.

“That was a great surprise,” said Russell, who met Newberry when they were both in the former Media General’s broadcast department. Honaker and Swain go back to VCU and worked at NBC12 before collaborations on freelancing jobs led them all to team up and form their own studio.

Describing themselves as equal business partners and friends, the four principals of Cream collaborate on all of their projects, using a “copilot” system where one serves as creative lead on a project and another serves as a second, to help bounce ideas off and develop them."