Mograph - Food Samples

Cream Showreel


Food Typography | We think a series of animated or still images like these that highlight dishes or flavors that fit within the Perch profiles would be a beautiful and eye catching way to set the Perch social media accounts apart from other restaurants. Text could be witty, funny or profound quotes, phrases overheard in the restaurant, or simply mouth-watering descriptions of the food itself.  


RITZ | This is a series of 4x:30s that were created with stop motion for broadcast and social media. The spots highlight the playfulness and creativity that a simple cracker can inspire.


Jagermeister | This is a short five second 3D animation that was created for social media and for use as an endcard for broadcast work. Moody and a little mysterious, the aim of this piece was to set a mood that evoked the German woods and shows off the spicy, herbal flavors of the legendary liqueur.


Talenti | Sea Salt Caramel This is an entirely CG broadcast and social media piece that serves to make the already rich flavors appear as decadent as possible.


Campbell’s Soup | True CG food porn, this complex 3D piece shows off a galaxy of kaleidoscopic vegetables.