Visual Treatment Recommendation
UDig Case Study Vignettes

We love the idea of supplementing interview footage with relevant superimposed animated graphics to help reinforce the ideas and content of the interviews. This approach quickly establishes an interesting and engaging visual language that can be integrated into interview footage, b-roll or used as standalone animated sequences. Here are a few samples we found that support this approach. 


Greater Reading Economic Partnership Bill's Khakis
This sample successfully uses icon-based artwork to support the interview content. It demonstrates how we could possibly use and expand upon your icon set to create visually compelling animation. 


Sky News Election
This sample employs camera tracking techniques to help integrate the animated elements into the scenes. We like the simplistic "diagram-y" nature of this design. We also love how it's often incorporated into shots of the interviewee, even when you don't see them speaking. It's also nicely integrated into the b-roll shots. In addition to simply looking cool, this approach could really lend itself to interviews where the speakers may not be particularly comfortable on camera. 


This is a cutdown of a longer piece. These details are in line with the samples above. We really like how this technique is applied to moments that may not directly support or reinforce the content but provide moments of levity or cuteness (i.e. the fish in the water glass at :32).