60’s and 70’s Style Animation
A Gallery for Siddall

When developing the look and feel for the Vanpool videos, we’d pull bits of inspiration from a variety of sources, including 60s and 70s era animation. Although two of these samples are modern recreations of retro styles (not unlike what we’d set out to achieve), they feature a nice blend of the flower power aesthetic with a modern approach.

We really like the text reveals in this piece. The design and animation itself isn’t particularly true to the era, but it has a similar spirit. We also responded to the constant traveling motion as it reminded us of the journey of the Vanpool van..

We love the dimension in this. It’s a beautiful mix of 2D animated illustration and select 3D animated elements. It demonstrates a great use of depth and parallax and has a flow that takes the viewer on a fun and memorable visual journey. Certainly rooted in the past, but definitely current and next level in its execution.

Although this example is quite a departure from the style we’re shooting for, looking at the use of repetition, cycling of patterns and colors etc may come in handy when creating a modern animation that still feels authentically rooted in the 60s and 70s.