Jewel 7s Playbook

The Virginia Lottery

Our friends over at Barber Martin Agency asked us to help them create a piece to introduce the Jewel 7s Playbook for the Virginia Lottery. Our directive was to create something that was abstract, dynamic and appealing to the senses. The piece would reveal every angle of the playbook, using fast and slow camera movements along with engaging sound design. We couldn’t wait to get started.

Agency Barber Martin Agency  |  Creative Lead Dave Swain  |  Animation Lead Joey Camacho  |  3D Design and Animation Ruth Newberry, Shannon Honaker  |  Executive Producer Joanna Recinos  |  Original Music & Sound Design Overcoast Music


We knew that the Playbook, which features six different games, each bejeweled with their own gemstone, had to be the star. Thirty seconds would give us time to feature four of the six tickets prominently and we would make a point to show off the other two in the background throughout the piece.



Our approach for this spot was create a world of cinematic elegance and realism. Focusing closely on the material elements of the booklet (paper, textures & jewels) and the unique characteristics of those elements (reflections, refractions, pattern & viscosity), we created a vibrant world where the booklet lives and flourishes, feeding off the movement and energy of the objects. This world feels at once lush, and a little mysterious. The booklet would be set subtly within, around, and behind the elements in different ways, teasing the features of the booklet, through selective focus pulls, and extreme close ups. As momentum builds from shot to shot, the final lock up reveals the booklet in its full form. 


With such opulent elements to pull from, our team began to explore the best techniques for constructing a world filled with lustrous crystals, swirling metallics and layers of shimmering textures. Heavy particle work, fluid simulations, caustic light passes and compelling transitions helped bring the ticket elements to life. Below is a peek at some of our behind the scenes tests.




Overcoast Music & Sound worked closely with our motion designers to produce a custom audio track that relies heavily on  juxtaposition between sharp and subtle sounds and ambient musical elements to explore the beauty and drama in the visuals. The breaths allow the hyper sounds to be more powerful, and vise versa. This exploration of sharp versus subtle builds until they coalesce on a beat drop, where more modern but subtle electronic sounds emphasize the ticket reveal and pull everything together as one.