Below is a sampling of some of the ideas and techniques that have inspired us thus far in the creative process. In close collaboration with Agency and Client, we'd love to further discuss these approaches, as well as any others that are generated as we move forward. These are simply to get the creative juices flowing, establish a "mood," and lead us to the next step in the visual treatment and storyboarding process.


Procedural Simulations

One of the most exciting capabilities that our studio and our creative partners have been exploring lately is procedural generation using the Houdini software package. This is a node based platform that facilitates realistic, interactive simulations including liquids, fire & smoke, snow & sand and even crumbling shards of glass. Below is the reel of our expert Houdini creative partner.


Glass & Reflections

We love the idea of using gold and platinum in an interesting and beautiful way to show off the ticket art. Liquid metals could also move through the shot, branching out and swirling around elements of importance. The fluid motion would beautifully balance the rigid nature of the gemstones.


Light & Airy

In addition to the 3D gems, textures and other abstract elements, we'd want to explore the idea of presenting layers of the ticket in an exploded view, perhaps even showing the fibers of the paper in some way. Moments like this might feature various elements that make up the design of a ticket presented as offset layers, as they come to rest on the ticket surface. The flatness of these layers could also be mixed with dimensional renderings of other elements, including type and icons from the ticket design. 


Phone Interior

Because this is of course not your normal phone, the inside has to be special as well. What is the payoff on our final shot before the process reverses and our phone begins to put itself back together? Perhaps colorful, glitchy backgrounds are the way to go. Or maybe it’s dark and techy with lights that pulse in unexpected patterns.


Dimensional Type & Graphics

We see great opportunities in presenting the type, icons and other design elements from the tickets as dimensional objects, especially when the camera is close to the surface of the ticket, showing those elements from a low angle. That dimensionality would resolve in the flat design as we transition to presenting the ticket book fully.