Photo by Jordan Rodericks | Mural by El Kamino


In advertising and marketing, a mnemonic is a memorable element which acts as a shortcut to brand meaning. Over time, repeated exposure to a mnemonic allows customers to remember and re-experience brand meaning by simply seeing and hearing the shortcut. That’s powerful. And efficient.

For Virginia Lottery MobilePlay, we know that a successful mnemonic will signal that something exciting is about to happen and will get the user pumped to enter the world of the MobilePlay app. The visual treatment of the logo is alluring and memorable,…the audio signature is distinctive and satisfying. The mnemonic will be strong, grabbing the user’s attention, as well as being approachable and welcoming in tone.

The mnemonic should be versatile and will be designed to serve a variety of purposes. It’ll be suitable for in-app, broadcast and web uses, not unlike familiar mnemonics such as the ones for Netflix, Xbox or Playstation.

Although, our best creative solutions will be the result of meaningful collaboration between Cream and BMA, we have some initial thoughts on how to approach the MobilePlay mnemonic. We look forward to exploring these and others with you.


We think that the use of the location pin in the MobilePlay logo is perfect and lends itself nicely to animation, especially one as quick and direct as a mnemonic. We also like that, in addition to utilizing a ubiquitous symbol for location to indicate the mobile nature of the game, it also gives a nod to the fact that where you are when you play the game is relevant and important.

We think it’s worth exploring this further in the animation. It seems like it might be good show that, although your current location is important when playing MobilePlay games, there are many places where you’ll have access to the fun.

The animation could include having the pin drop into the frame in an expected way (considering it’s a location pin) but when it lands, it could set off something reminiscent of a shockwave, momentarily illuminating nearby markers that quickly glow and fade. The markers would be small and graphic…something simple that doesn’t compete with the main pin but also communicates the idea of “many locations.”

This is just a nugget of an idea at this point, but one we’d love to explore further with the BMA team.



This is an idea that could take on multiple meanings. We could explore the notion that regardless of all the places you could be in a given moment, where you are in this moment, your current location, is the only thing that’s important.

It’s about the multitude of mobile games available on MobilePlay, but once you’ve made your selection, you’re greeted with a mnemonic that’s familiar and comforting. It indicates that now you’ve chosen your game, it’s time to play…and hopefully win!

This all ties into the notion that many people can play and win MobilePlay games, but in this moment and in the spot where you’re standing, it’s about you and your game. It’s about the fun you get to have navigating and playing the game that you selected.

We look forward to exploring visual solutions that tie in with this idea, but In terms of audio, the mnemonic could start with a very thick full, multi-textured sound (slightly a la the THX sound, but no where near as daunting, and not orchestral) that quickly leads/slides into a singularity; a singular tone that is pleasing and warm and trails off in a pleasant way. As this is happening there is a simple but effective melody that comes together, perhaps even walking up three+ notes that lead into the singular tone. Those notes could be the sound of glass with a subtle whoosh sound, so it has a bit of a bite, but still some nice roundness.  Something like this would pull the audience in and get them excited about the gaming about to happen.

Overcoast provided some samples to get us thinking in this direction.