What Do You Call Them?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We are always excited about internal collaboration. Especially when that project means we can potentially help someone. About a year ago, we pitched an idea for a project that never happened, so we decided to make it anyway. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it was just around the corner. We had a about a month to create this little gem to call attention to screenings for early detection.

Many women often hesitate calling their doctor for a routine screening. We reached out to local Breast Cancer Awareness chapters and they informed us of the fear that keeps women at bay. Screenings had a PR problem. Getting squeezed, pinched, or finding out something life changing were all issues when deciding to make an appointment.

By creating a playful video, we allowed the viewers to step away from the fear or embarrassment of a visit to the doctor. It had to be unusual, it had to be fun, and it had to get attention to the real issue. 


We created a list of common nicknames for breasts. Being 50% women owned, we did our very best to ensure that none of these terms were inappropriate, or offensive. Some are well known and some, well, not so much. We found that the wonkier they were, the more we chuckled at the absurdity of it all.  To tie the metaphors together, we also needed to show how someone would take care of these objects. So we introduced a female hand into some scenes to show her caring for each element in different ways.


After a call from The Maymont Foundation, we had our owl ready to be shot and cloned. Bugsby, an Eastern Screech Owl, was a true professional. At about 6 inches in height, she was as delicate as she was beautiful. We were so excited to have her in the studio. 

Puppy waist:  16"  Puppy neck: 13.5”  Puppy neck to tail: 10"  Have you ever measured a wiggly puppy for a custom sweater? Really? That’s weird. We quickly started the talent search for our “Sweater Puppies” and it was more than we bargained for. We ended up with two sets of snuggly puppies and we couldn’t decide, so we shot them both. Because the style of the video is stop motion, we wanted to explore shooting it both with burst shots versus live action frames. Since we had never shot puppies before, we knew that having our options open was a luxury. In the end, the bulldogs were chosen because the action was stronger, but it was a tough decision.

After many hours of planning, searching, building and giggling, we love the end result and are proud to get this important message out there. 

Special Thanks To:

Twins: Dan and Brian Cox

Puppy Group A: Rokcrusher Bulldogges (Charlie and Paprika)

Puppy Group B: SPCA Richmond, Heidi Abbot, Janet Yang (Frankie and Bear), Tabitha Treloar

Owl: Maymont Foundation, Buz Bireline, Anaka Nazareth (Bugsby)

Sweaters: Amy Howarth, Yarn Goddess

Bowling Balls: Bowl America (for donating the use of your glorious balls)

Talent Recruitment: Christina Garnett and Amber Lantz